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Division :

Shifting Cultivation Division

Head :

Rajesh Kumar

About Us :

Mandate :

Manpower :

Emp. Id SL. No. Emp. Name Designation E-Mail Ph(Off) Ph(Res) Mobile Photo Details
1081Shri. Rajesh KumarHeadrajesh@icfre.org0376-23051069706632479Details
562Dr. I. P. BorahScientist-Cborahip@icfre.org03762305226-9435352531Details
573Shri. Krishna GiriScientist-Cgirik@icfre.org--9706306484Details
584Dr. Arundhati BaruahResearch Officer Gd-1baruaha@icfre.org0376-2305134-9435352358Details
625Shri. Nabajyoti BoraTechnical Officerborahn@icfre.org0376-2305177-9435489104Details
636Shri. Rajarshi BhattaTechnical Officerbhattachryar@icfre,org0376-2305177-9435353267Details
1397Shri. Muhibul HussainTechnical Officerhussainm@icfre.org9854192231Details
658Shri. Romen RajakMTSrajakr@icfre.org03762305177Details

Projects :

Pr Id SL. No. Title Start Year End Year Funding Agency Principal Investigator Status
211Study of the changes of morphological, physical and chemical properties of soil under shifting cultivation (IRMDFR/SC/2)19972001World Bank (FREEP) Dr. Jasbir SinghCompleted
222Study of the successional changes in plant communities under shifting cultivation. (IRMDFR/SC/1).19972001World Bank (FREEP)Dr. Jasbir Singh.completed
233Isolation and evaluation of Rhizobium strains from leguminous forest trees in nurseries of three districts of Assam (IRMDFR/FP/2.).19982002World Bank (FREEP)Dr. Indrani P. Boracompleted
244Integrated nutrient management in shifting cultivation soil through green manuring and inorganic fertilizer (RFRI/SC/4).20012003ICFREDr. Jasbir Singhcompleted
255Indigenous Knowledge of Angami Tribe in Sustainable Management of Biodiversity in Dimapur and Kohima Districts of Nagaland, India (RFRI/SC/EP/3).20032006G.B.P.I.H&D Dr. Jasbir Singhcompleted
266Contribution of N2 fixing plants on improvement of abandoned fallow in Shifting Cultivation (RFRI/SC/EP/4).20032006G.B.P.I. H&D Dr.Jasbir Singhcompleted
277Evaluation of different existing land use systems for development of viable economic models in northeast India (RFRI/SC/06).20032008ICFRESri P.K. Kaushikcompleted
288Development of Patchouli based viable agro forestry models for northeast India (RFRI/CFE/04).20052008ICFRESri P.K. Kaushikcompleted
299Improvement of degraded shifting cultivation lands through introduction of Thysanolaena maxima (broom grass) along with Cajanus cajan as nitrogen fixing plants 20062009ICFREDr. I. P. Boracompleted
3010On Farm innovation in macro proliferation technique and promotion for commercial plantation of edible bamboo species.20062009 NABARD Sri P.K.Kaushik completed
3111Documentation of Baseline Information on Shifting Cultivation and Restoration of Selected Sites under Shifting Cultivation through Agroforestry in North East India 20072010ICFREDr. Visapjit Kumarcompleted
3212Quality and yield improvement in agroforestry based food produce through iodine biofortification under integrated nutrient management20072010ICFREShri Alok Jadav completed
3313Exploration of diversity and utilization potential of Sphagnum species of forestry importance in Northâ?? East India 20102013ICFREDr. P. K. Verma Completed
3414Rehabilitation of degraded jhum land through potential bamboo species with reference to carbon sequestration and livelihood development20092014ICFREDr. I. P. BoraCompleted
3515Assessment of diversity and carbon sequestration potential of above ground woody biomass of Semi evergreen forest in Assam20132016ICFREShri Bijoy Pradhan On going
3616Adaptation and Mitigation Measures in Relation to Shortening of Jhum Cycle vis-à-vis Soil Nutrient Status and Productivity in different Traditional Systems of Nagaland 20152018ICFREDr. Krishna GiriOngoing
3717Promotion of bamboo based agro forestry practice for sustainable management of jhum land and livelihood sustenance of jhumias in Assam and Meghalaya20152018ICFREDr. I. P. BoraOngoing

Details of the Technologies Developed :

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Scientific Facilities :

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Major Equipment :

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List of Publications :

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