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Bio-Technology and Genetics Division

Head :

Md. Ibrahim

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Manpower :

Emp. Id SL. No. Emp. Name Designation E-Mail Ph(Off) Ph(Res) Mobile Photo Details
701Md IbrahimScientist-C, Headibrahim@icfre.org 0376-23052399401804506Details
712Shri. Satyam BordoloiScientist-Cbordolois@icfre.org0376-23052109435051708Details
723Dr.(Smti.) Papori BorpujariAssistant Chief Technical Officerpoporis@icfre.org 0376-23052099435352103Details
614Smti. Ritashree KhanikarTechnical Officerkhanikarr@icfre.org0376-2305177-9435595402Details
735Smti. Jonaki KachariTechnical Officerkacharij@icfre.org 0376-23052119401205714, 8399044151Details
746Shri. Jatin KachariTechnical Officerjatink@icfre.org0376-23051159435597212Details
757Shri. N. MahantaTechnical Officermohantan@icfre.org 0376-23051159435351874Details
768Smti. Bebija L. Singha Technical Officerbebija@icfre.org 0376-23051159435595410Details
779Shri. Prosanta SaikiaTechnical Officersaikiap@icfre.org 0376-23051159435353056Details
7810Shri. P. B. GoswamiTechnical Officergoswamipb@icfre.org 0376-23051159085428995Details
7911Shri. Debojit SaikiaTechnical Officersaikiad@icfre.org 0376-23051159435352399Details
8012Shri. Prosanta KardongSenior Techniciankardongp@icfre.org 0376-23051159401113993Details

Projects :

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Details of the Technologies Developed :

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Scientific Facilities :

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Major Equipment :

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List of Publications :

Pub. Id SL. No. Title
941Improvement through selection of plus trees in Gmelina arborea. Journal of Tropical Forest Science 15(3)...A. Kumar, P.H. Chawhaan & A.K. Matharoo (2003)
952 Species improvement programme of Dipterocarpus retusus Bl. Syn. D. macrocarpus Veoque for sustainable yield in North Eastern India VI Round table conference on Dipterocarps. Organized by The International working groups on Dipterocarps (IUFRO working party S 1.07 â?? 17), French Institute of Pondicherry and Karnataka Forest Department, Bangalore 8-12 Feb., 1999...Thakur, P.H. Chawhaan and N.D. Khobragade
963Rhizogenesis through leaf bud cuttings of Dipterocarpus retusus : a new report. The Indian Forester, vol.128 (1) pp 99-100...Ajay Thakur and Papori Sharma (2002)
974Rooting of shoot cuttings of Dipterocarpus retusus syn D. macrocarpus, The Indian Forester, vol. 133, (12) pp 1643-1647...Ajay Thakur and Papori Sharma (2007)
985 Study on germination variation in seeds of different provenance of Acacia mangium, The Indian Forester, vol.127 (11) pp1294-1296...Ajay Thakur and Papori Sharma, and Nityananda Mahanta (2001)
996 Study on Effect of time of time of seed collection on germination of Dipterocarpus retusus Bl. Syn. D. macrocarpus vesque. The Indian Forester, vol.126 (7) pp 799-800...Ajay Thakur, P.H. Chowaan, V.R.S.Rrawat N.D. Khobragade and Papori Sharma (2000)
1007 Early flowering and seed setting in Dipterocarpus retusus: a new report. The Indian Forester, vol. 129(3) pp 421-422...Ajay Thakur, Papori Sharma, S. Das and B.P. Borkakoty (2003)
1018 Albino seedling in Dipterocarpus retusus : A new record. The Indian Forester, vol. 129(4) pp 541-542...Ajay Thakur, Papori Sharma, S.Das and A.N. Singh (2003)
1029 Effect of Pretreatment on Germination and seedling vigour in Alistonia scholaris, Seed Research, vol.25 (1) pp16-18...M. kundu, Papori Sharma, Jatin Kachari and Rupnarayn Sett (1997)
10310Micropropagation of Indian Ginseng (Panax pseudoginseng Wall): propagation to save an endangered commercial medicinal forest plant. Journal of Human Ecology, vol. 12(3), pp 201-205...Papori Sharma & Rupnarayan Sett (2001)
10411 Regeneration of plantlets through organogenesis in Calamus tenuis, Indian J. of Plant Physiology vol. 7(4), pp 358-361...R. Sett, M. Kundu and P. Sharma (2002)
10512 Cone clusters in Khasipine (Pinus kesiya). Indian Forester, 138 (9):857...Singh Ombir and N. Mahanta (2012).
10613 Seed Maturity Indices of Khasipine (Pinus kesiya). Indian Forester, 132 (12): 1689-1691...Singh, Ombir and J. Kachari (2006).
10714Improvement through selection of plus trees in Khasipine (Pinus kesiya). Indian Forester, 139(1):24-28... Singh, Ombir and N. Mahanta (2013).
10815Establishment of Seed Production Area of Khasipine (Pinus kesiya) in Meghalaya through improved technique. Indian Forester 130(6): 691-698...Singh, Ombir, Jasbir Singh and T.C Bhuyan (2004).
10916 Existence of redpine in Khasi pine areas of Meghalaya: Controversy, Solution and Prospects. Indian Forester 133(5): 655-659...Singh, Ombir. (2007).
11017Status and Strategies for teak improvement in North East India. Indian Forester, 129 (9):1132-1140...Sinha, A. and Prasad, K.G. 2003.
11118Study on effect of time of seed collection on germination of Dipterocarpus retusus Bl. Syn. D. macrocarpus vesque. Indian Forester 126 (7) : 799-800...Thakur, P.H. Chawhaan, V.R.S. Rawat, N.D. Khobragade & P. Sharma (2000)
11219 Conservation and genetic improvement of Dipterocarpus retusus in North East India, Proc. of Seventh Round Table Conference on Dipterocarps from 7-10 Oct. Kualalumpur, Malaysia...Ajay Thakur, Ombir Singh and Papori Sharma (2002)
11320Introduction of the tree species of Dipterocarpaceae as a Component of Agroforestry system: An approach. Proc. of Int. workshop on Agroforestry and Forest Products held in Deptt. Of forestry, NEHU, Mizoram Campus, Aizwal (India) from 28th- 30th Nov...Ajay Thakur, Papori Sharma, V. R. S. Rawat and Nityananda Mahanta (2000)
11421 In-Vitro Multiplication of Plumbago rosea Linn.-an important medicinal plant, Proc. of Int. workshop on Agroforestry and Forest Products held in Deptt. of forestry, NEHU, Mizoram Campus, Aizwal (India) from 28th- 30th Nov...Papori Sharma, M. Borthakur & C.M. Sarmah (2000)
11522 Variability in cone, seed and seedling characteristics of Pinus kesiya Royle ex. Gordon. Journal of Forestry Research,26 (2): 331-337. DOI 10.1007/s 11676-015-0036-x...Singh Ombir, Satyam Bordoloi and N. Mahanta (2015).

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